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Spangled Hatch Cock, almost silent $450 SOLD

spangle hatch cock

Here is a Spangled Hatch cock that I have been using for breeding for over a year.  He is a very attractive rooster (when he’s not in molt) that I have been using over my American Game Bantams.  This guy is the quietest rooster I have produced, you don’t know he’s there if your back is turned to him.  He is not aggressive but will peck when handled.  I think the rooster would make a great gift for a country boy that is familiar with gamefowl that is now in a situation where a loud bird is not possible.  I really like this bird and would still be using him but I’ve hatched a bunch out of him and am cutting back on chickens.  This video is true to life, not edited.


Silver Duckwing Old English Game Bantam cockerel, $450 Sold


Here is a young rooster that is extremely quiet.  He seems pretty tame and comes up to me when I’m feeding.  This guy make barely a whisper, so he would be great if you wanted a rooster inside.  His spurs have been permanently removed also.  He is healthy and doesn’t seem to stir up any trouble.  Please contact me if you are interested.

Blue Golden Duckwing OEGB, $450 SOLD

P1040191 Here is a young Blue Golden Duckwing Old English Game Bantam cockerel that is doing well and is very quiet.  Barely a squeak.  This is one that would make a really nice house pet.  He willingly comes up to me and does not show any aggression  toward me.  He has had his spurs permanently removed.  I really like this color and am planning on breeding his brother.  I also have a pullet that I could send with him if interested. https://youtu.be/UaCB-AnDx-8

Barred Serama, $400 SOLD


This is a almost silent Barred Serama rooster.  He is so quiet that he can be kept in the house.  I think that he’ll make a good pet.  He has had spurs removed and seems to get along with his pen mates.  This guy is about a type B in size and would go well with a small flock.