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If you have questions for past clients, contact me and I will forward your address to them.

  •  Comment: We purchased a Golden Leghorn Rooster from Dr. James back in August, whom of which we named Rajesh. At first he was a bit scared of us especially during his quarantine period. But now that time has pasted he doesn’t freak out as much when we are around, in fact he will now come running with the hens and respects our space when we are around. Now he isn’t a cuddle bug and will never be one, because he is all about his girls so this is his flock and no one better mess with his hens!He has broken up some fights between the girls, and more importantly I’ve noticed that he will keep certain girls separated to prevent fights. In addition he will escort our Barred Rock who is top hen to the nest box when she is ready to lays an egg and watches over her so that no one can bother her.  After I took down the garden and let the chickens have at it I found him giving all the girls worms and treats that he found. He calls for his girls when they seem a bit lost at night getting back into the coop. If we grab a bird for a check over we have to assure him that everything is okay so he doesn’t freak out. He is definitely crowing in the morning but throughout the day you will hear his quiet crow and course if there is an alarm you will definitely hear something. In addition at night making sure everyone is in the coop he gives off a let’s get in the coop crow.We added three babies too the flock that were too big for the silkie coop in fact they were being picked on bad by my brabanter. So I moved them in during free ranging and he immediately accepted them and besides establishing pecking orders there was peace. One of the things I love watching is him dancing around and dragging one wing on the ground and shaking a bit. Well as silly as it looks to me it’s working for him because we are eating a lot of fertilized eggs.  I’ve even seem him let the girls sit on top of him mainly the younger girls. He is very gracious as well if someone doesn’t want to be mounted then he lets them run off.His crow is quiet and breathy we hear it because we are listening for it but no neighbor does and we live in the city though we do have a large lot. He can still make noises for his girls, and we can hear all his noises as well. But he is very silent in rooster standards.He does more for my flock than I could ever imagine, I am so grateful for this opportunity to have him, this mean we can easily produce more birds for our flock and keep our sustainability efforts alive.Thanks a million Dr. JamesMiquwid.

Here is a video of the rooster mentioned above.

  • Comment: I received Daryl a splash bantam in July of 2013. He settled right in and adjusted to our routine quickly. He is good with my girls, tolerates my little boys affection, and even torments my barn cat if she gets to close. Daryl crows alot in the morning but my very close neighbors don’t even know I have him. His crow is almost a whisper and and I’ve never heard any small vocals from him.He doesn’t seemed bothered by the procedure and behaves like any other rooster, watching over his flock, breeding, etc. I am so happy with him I will be getting another rooster as soon as I can. Thanks to Dr. James I can have a complete flock that would not be possible otherwise.Betty

Comment:  This is Teddy ROOsevelt who had a procedure done on by Dr. James Richards of OK to lessen his crow. Some call this procedure a de-crow, but as you can see he can still crow although Dr. James Richards never heard him as he was not the dominant rooster in the Dr.’s flock. Our hens are louder than Teddy when they do the egg song. Learn more about this procedure https://quietroosters.wordpress.com/ and http://www.backyardchickens.com/t/705…


As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, I drove my very sweet, lovable rooster to Dr James to have the crow softening surgery, which occurred June 20, or 24 days ago. We loved his crowing, and all our neighbors loved his crowing, except for one neighbor, the newest one, who’s been heard to say, “I just want more control”.

Deeply concerned, I found Dr James’ thread and read up on this possibility. My partner and I agreed that we really wanted to keep our rooster.  I moved Dred (the roo, as in dredlocks) to a foster home in the country, and made arrangements with Dr James. The week prior, I took Dred to the parish (county) extension agent in charge of chickens, who took blood and tested for pullorum, issued a health certificate, and put a band on Dred’s leg. The test was free, the certificate was… Read More



Comment: I recently purchased Whitey, a post surgery EE roo from Dr.James. He is a beautiful animal with an outstanding, friendly personality. His voice is slightly louder than my first roo Daryl but still not as loud as my hens. He manages normal vocals as well as a very small crow. I am pleased with how well Whitey is adapting to his new home and flock mates, both roos have come to an agreement and get along fine. I simply cannot express how happy I am to have this option to expand my flock.



I cleverly named my black mottled Serama Roo. I’ve had him a little over two weeks and he has fully adjusted to the flock. You can see him hanging out with some of the ladies in the compost bin. He chirps in the morning, evenings, and when I pick him up. I say chirp because he sounds like a song bird not a rooster. His chirping is actually much quieter than the hens clucking so I’m not worried about the neighbors complaining. Roo’s favorite activity is rolling in the garden dirt. I’ve recommended Dr. James (and his decrowed roosters) to the members of my 4H backyard chicken club.


Dr. James was great during the process of me recieving my rooster “Jack”. He made sure all tests were done and everything was taken care of when we got him. When he arrived I was amazed at how large he was and so stunning he was. He was first demanding of the ladies and would take everything from them. As days went on, he began to relax more, he would make sure the hens get the treats before him. He would let the hens work arguments out unless they got too bad, he wasn’t sas demanding of the ladies and respected them more, unless they were new of course. He was an amazing rooster! Sad to say just the other day he had to be euthanized do to not being able to breathe. He will be greatly missed!


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