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Me and my 3 legged border collie, Sam

Hello,  My name is James Richards, Dvm.  I am an accredited veterinarian located in eastern Oklahoma.  The practice where I work is in a rural setting and we see a variety of pets and farm animals.  I’ve looked at everything from tree frogs to draft horses.

One of my favorite species to work on is Gallus gallus domesticus, the domestic chicken.  I have always had an interest in chickens since getting my first bird when I was 14.  I’ve had them ever since.

I realized that there are a lot of other “chicken people” out there and some of them live in town or have neighbors that aren’t so appreciative.  I always thought there would be a way to quiet down a rooster’s crow.  I knew there were many families out there that had hens but would not be able to keep a rooster due to the noise.  Through my travels and research, I found out this situation was more common than I thought.

While in vet school, I searched and searched for a method to do this.  I did catch quite a bit of ridicule about my desire to learn to decrow roosters.  I finally found a veterinarian who knew how do to do this and was willing to teach me.  So my girlfriend (she’s a vet too) and I drove to Phoenix with a crate full of roosters to learn this procedure.  Our stay out there was very educational and the hospitality of the doc couldn’t be beat.

So we drove back to Oklahoma, graduated vet school and started work.  I started practicing and refining my technique for the crow reduction surgery.  I have increased the efficacy and safety of the anesthesia, built some specialized instruments and have increased the success while decreased the death loss.