Another option for loud roosters.


Blue Andalusian rooster.

This website was created to educate people about an option for the chicken owners that are concerned about roosters.  Urban and suburban poultry, (city chickens) are gaining popularity.  People are getting more concerned about where their food comes from and about sustainable practices.  Chickens take up relatively little space, produce desirable products and can make interesting pets.

With so many backyard flocks, there comes a problem for some, the crowing rooster.  Many cities ban roosters due to noise restrictions.  I have also heard that some ban them because of aggression. These guys are usually accidental when sexed chicks are purchased and a pullet grows up to be a rooster.  Chick sexing is only about 90% accurate so the accidental rooster is fairly common.  It seems that this one special chick inevitably becomes the favorite and having to part with him can be heartbreaking and there may be a surgical option to help with the noise.

Other flock owners feel that the addition of a rooster helps balance the dynamic of chicken society.  The rooster helps settle disputes among the hens and generally just watches over the flock.  They also serve as predator warnings, but this procedure will diminish all vocalizations, not just crowing.  It seems that the hens still respond to the cackles and other noises he makes.

One of the main reasons I think this procedure can be beneficial is to expose children to agriculture and where food is produced.  Very few kids are familiar with any thing ag related, and schools are not providing this important knowledge anymore.  2% of the population produces  the food for the entire population.  There are a lot of families out there that would like to expose their children to the incubating and hatching process.

I know that some people out there feel this is a cruel act.  I also know that very few people have any experience with the surgery or roosters that have been through it.  This procedure is not a cure all and not required or recommended for everybody out there.  I am offering this procedure as an option for those who would like to be able to keep a rooster where noise is a concern.  As with any surgery, there are inherent risks with anesthesia the procedure and/or possible shipping.  There is also no guarantee that the end result will suit the owner or neighbors.  This is not 100% effective.  I have about 75-80% success, (by my standards) with 1 surgery when the roosters are young and pre-crowing.  My ultimate goal is to have an owner leave happy and be able to keep the rooster.

I hate to anthropomorphize, but I think that if the rooster had a choice between a hatchet or a scalpel…..

So just take a look around the website, watch some of the videos, read some of the reviews and feel free to contact me with any questions or if you see any editing mistakes.  Thanks.

Dr. James


P. S.  I will no longer be offering this procedure for client owned roosters, for the time being.  There have been too many complications on birds that leave my care after the procedure.   Roosters will still be available for purchase and I will have a greater assortment as the chicks I have mature.